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Jun 5, 2016

Montenegro celebrates 10th anniversary of Independence

On May 21 Montenegro celebrates ten years of the restoration of Independence. Referendum on May 21, 2006 restored the independence of the country.

Montenegrin Parliament previously adopted a law on the referendum, which is agreed with the recommendations of the European Union. For the success of the referendum was necessary to support it 55 percent turnout. The referendum question was: “Do you want the Republic of Montenegro be an independent state with full international and legal subjectivity?”

City Bar in Montenegro becomes a new attractive cruise destination

The first cruise-ship “Thomson Celebration” belongs to British company “Thompson” arrived in the port of city Bar in Montenegro on May 11, 2016. This event made the city included in the map of attractive world cruise destinations, thanks to the efforts of the agency “Allegra”.

Apr 23, 2016

Wizz Air renews air line between Podgorica and Budapest

It is expected that agreements on subsidies to be signed in early summer and contracts will last for four years.

The Hungarian government plans to subsidize airlines in order to restore flights from Budapest to, among other destinations, also Podgorica, says "Vijesti".

Tender for the grant was announced and market analysts estimate that the best chance of winning has Hungarian low-cost airline Wizz Air.

Wizz Air renews air line between Podgorica and Budapest

Apr 20, 2016

Israir brings the first tourists from Israel to Montenegro

The Montenegrin newspaper informs that the first guests from Israel will arrive in Montenegro, on Wednesday, April 20, on a direct flight with the help of Israeli tour operator Israir Airlines & Tourism.

The Ministry of Development and Tourism announced that in the period from April to October 2016 Israir would realize 49 flights to airports of Tivat and Podgorica, with the plane Airbus A300 capacity of 172 seats.

Oct 8, 2015

Autumn with the smell of spring

Many people associate autumn with fading nature, wet and cool weather. Therefore, if you'd like to come back in spring again, you need to come to Montenegro in autumn. After the hot summer weather, during the fall season spring comes in Montenegro again. Nature comes to life, flowers and some trees are blooming again, the weather is warm and comfortable for exploring Montenegro and swimming in the Adriatic Sea.
Autumn in Montenegro
Autumn in Montenegro

Sep 17, 2015

Weather in Montenegro

Sometimes we receive letters from our readers, who is going to visit Montenegro for vacation, concerning weather conditions. Really it can be frustrating if planning the trip you can't find correct weather forecast for the time of your staying here. One site says "sunny", another promises "light rain", so what is true? :)
So we decided to tell our readers about where we, people, living in Montenegro, get this information. The answer is very simple. Information about the weather in Montenegro, we get on Weather2Umbrella
According to our observations, this site gives enough accurate forecast. That's why we recommend it to you.
Weather in Montenegro
Weather in Montenegro

Sep 6, 2015

Six reasons to visit Montenegro in autumn

So, after a hot summer the autumn arrives. For many people this time of year is associated with rains, fading nature and preparation for winter. Many people regret that did not have time to visit some places, relax on vacation, sunbath on the beach and swim in the warm water of azure sea. Today, we'll tell you that it is not a reason for worrying. You still have a few more months in order to have time to relax and travel. Yes, exactly during September and October, Montenegro offers wonderful autumn holiday.
"Why is it so great?" - you may ask.
Here we described six reasons telling about benefits of autumn holidays in Montenegro. Sure, you will find much more. Because each person is unique and sees the world by his own way.
Montenegro coast
Montenegro coast

Jul 27, 2015

Welcome to Montenegro

Dobro Doshli - people of Montenegro welcome foreigners with these words.

We are very glad to use the opportunity and tell you about this mythical country. But, you know, it's very hard to do in one post :)
First of all, it’s necessary to note that this is a country that should be visited at least once in life.  But having visited it once, you want to come back again and again. What is the secret of Montenegro’s attraction? Many poets and writers have tried to describe the beauty of this small country in their works, but no one has been able to unravel the secret of its charm. And probably the reason is very simple. Thanks to the versatility of Montenegro, everyone sees it differently.
Perast and Kotor Bay, Montenegro
Perast and Kotor Bay, Montenegro


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