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Apr 23, 2016

Wizz Air renews air line between Podgorica and Budapest

It is expected that agreements on subsidies to be signed in early summer and contracts will last for four years.

The Hungarian government plans to subsidize airlines in order to restore flights from Budapest to, among other destinations, also Podgorica, says "Vijesti".

Tender for the grant was announced and market analysts estimate that the best chance of winning has Hungarian low-cost airline Wizz Air.

Wizz Air renews air line between Podgorica and Budapest

Podgorica will be one of the destinations for which the government of Viktor Orban approved the subsidies, and also planned flights to Tirana and Skopje.

The Government of Hungary planned also to "push" flights to Sofia with subsidies, but the company has stated that this line was in the regular plan to open in November this year.

The Hungarian government published the tender in the official documents of public Procurement of the European Union and the companies have 30 days to apply.

The amount of state subsidies will depend on the number of airlines that will send requests for subsidies until the end of tender. It is expected that contracts subsidies to be signed in early summer and the contracts will last four years.

In addition to financial assistance, the companies that meet the requirements will have monopoly position of the respective air lines, also the government considers the case when flights will be not
profitable. It is provided that these losses would be covered by state subsidies.

Market analysts, except predictions that Wizz Air will win the tender, warning that start flying to new destinations depends on the available free space in the sky and airport capacity.

Experts estimate that the company will need six months from the moment of signing the agreement to the establishment of flights.

Airlines Podgorica-Budapest functioned until 2012, when the Hungarian national airline Malev became officially bankrupt. Meanwhile, new companies covered the market but did no flights to our region.

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