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Jul 27, 2015

Welcome to Montenegro

Dobro Doshli - people of Montenegro welcome foreigners with these words.

We are very glad to use the opportunity and tell you about this mythical country. But, you know, it's very hard to do in one post :)
First of all, it’s necessary to note that this is a country that should be visited at least once in life.  But having visited it once, you want to come back again and again. What is the secret of Montenegro’s attraction? Many poets and writers have tried to describe the beauty of this small country in their works, but no one has been able to unravel the secret of its charm. And probably the reason is very simple. Thanks to the versatility of Montenegro, everyone sees it differently.
Perast and Kotor Bay, Montenegro
Perast and Kotor Bay, Montenegro

Montenegro is located on the shores of the Adriatic Sea. This can be clearly seen on this map:
map of Montenegro

More maps you can see if you go to this page.

There are many villas, hotels and beaches in the coastal part of the country visited by thousands of tourists every year.
Rafailovici, Becici, Montenegro
Rafailovici, Becici, Montenegro
Montenegro is a mountain country.  But tourists, wanting to discover it for themselves, has nothing to worry because all mountains are covered with car trails and variety of hiking trails.
its Montenegro
Yes, its Montenegro :)
Numerous small villages can be found in the mountain valleys. Njegusi is one of the most famous villages, known for cheesemaking and cooking meat by its unique recipe. The village is situated in the highland valley and it looks:
Njegusi, small villages in Montenegro
Njegusi, small villages in Montenegro
There are many lakes, rivers, canyons, natural parks hit by their amazing beauty in Montenegro. For example, Lake Skadar is under UNESCO protection.
Lake Skadar, Montenegro
Lake Skadar

But the main advantage of Montenegro is pure ecology. It is a country that has managed to preserve the purity of rivers, lakes, forests and air. Agree, it is very important in our time.
More about Montenegro you can read here.

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