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About Montenegro

Republic of Montenegro (also Montenegro or Crna Gora) is located in South-Eastern part of Europe, on the Adriatic coast of the Balkan Peninsula. It borders with Croatia in the West, Bosnia and Herzegovina - in the North-West, Serbia - in the North-East, the Republic of Kosovo - in the East and with Albania in the South-East. 

You can see the location of Montenegro on this detailed map:
mapa Crne Gore
map of Montenegro

More maps of Montenegro you can see here.

And so Montenegro looks like from the height of second largest mountain Lovcen. Spectacular view, isn’t it?
Montenegro from Lovcen
Montenegro from Lovcen

The capital of Montenegro is city Podgorica with population about 150,000 people.
Montenegro can be divided into three natural zones: the Adriatic coast, the central part of the country and the mountainous part of the country.
Total length of the beaches in Montenegro - 73 km. It is more than 100 beaches, which can be divided into urban, private, nudist, wild nature beaches and beaches with healing properties. Beaches can be sandy, coarse gravel, fine gravel, stony, concrete.
Rafailovici, Becici beach, Montenegro
beaches in Montenegro

The country has many natural sights that affect by their amazing beauty, pristine purity and are protected by various environmental systems. For example, national parks Durmitor, Lovcen, Biogradska gora, Skadar Lake and Prokletije.
Black Lake, park Durmitor
park Durmitor

The longest rivers in Montenegro are Tara (144 km), Lim (123 km), Cheotina (100 km), Moraca (99 km), Zeta (65 km) and Bojana (30 km).

Moraca rivers, Podgorica
river Moraca
Most Montenegrin rivers are mountain rivers and form deep canyons. Canyon of Tara River has depth about 1,200 meters and is the deepest in Europe and the second deepest in the world. By size it is second after canyon of Colorado River in the United States, which is recognized as the largest in the world. Tara River is also unique by itself - it is Europe's largest reservoir of drinking water. This unique natural complex is on the list of World Natural Heritage Site.
The largest lake in Montenegro and the entire Balkan Peninsula is Skadar lake. The total area of water surface Skadar lake is 369.7 km². Two-thirds of the lake (by area) are the territory of Montenegro, one-third - territory of Albania.

Skadar lake, Montenegro
Skadar lake

The largest bay in Europe is also located in Montenegro. It is called Kotor Bay. It penetrates into the mainland more than 50 km.
Boko-Kotor Bay, Montenegro
Kotor Bay

Montenegro has a lot of attractions and interesting places which can be described for ages. But to get a real appreciation of the beauty of this country is possible only seeing everything by your own eyes.

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