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Jun 5, 2016

City Bar in Montenegro becomes a new attractive cruise destination

The first cruise-ship “Thomson Celebration” belongs to British company “Thompson” arrived in the port of city Bar in Montenegro on May 11, 2016. This event made the city included in the map of attractive world cruise destinations, thanks to the efforts of the agency “Allegra”.

It is planned that during this year Bar will be visited by seven more cruisers with over 10,000 tourists, which significantly enrich the tourist industry and increase the income of the local economy.
After Kotor, Bar becomes an attractive cruise destination. Ship “Thompson Celebration” brought 1222 tourists to Bar who visited Old Bar, olive tree on Mirovica, Skadar Lake and other sights during one-day staying in the port.

The ship’s captain Hugh Maynard said he was pleased with what they saw and warm hospitality. “The first time I come to Bar, so far we have only been in Kotor. It’s great, our ship “Thompson Spirit” will also come next year. Then I will try local culinary specialties and see the sights. Thanks for all and for the warm welcome”, – said captain Maynard who explained that ship came to Bar from Hvar, and then returns to Dubrovnik, starting port, while tourists, mainly from Britain, coming to Cilipe by plane and then board the ship in the port of Dubrovnik.

Arrival of cruise ship in Bar means another step forward in the tourist industry and economic development of the city. “This is something that has long been expected to get ready. Start of implementation of this project will certainly contribute Bar to become an attractive cruising destination, but it also depends on us. Anyway Bar has what to offer and show – wine tours, Skadar Lake, Old Town. I think if these first visitors get a good impressions the others will follow. A great contribution to this project was given by the Tourist Organization and other institutions as well, including significant media support. Benefits of the city and all who participate in tourist industry can be bigger, and consequently more likely to develop”, – said Mayor Zoran Srzentić.
Most tourists who arrived on cruise ship are for the first time in Bar. In the interview for “Radio Bar” and “Bar Info” they said that are delighted with the city, especially Old Bar. “People are very friendly, it’s nice, we’ll be back again”, – said the guests from Great Britain.

The first cruise ship in Bar came with the help of agency “Allegra”, which has many years experience of working in tourism industry, and port company “Port of Adria”, owner is Turkish Global Ports Holding, whose piers will use all cruisers to moor.
“One big, long and difficult project is completed. For years we worked to bring cruiser ships to Bar. We have been promoting Bar at all tourism fairs, in Hamburg, Barcelona, Miami. We won the trust of company “Thompson” and everything started to move. I want to thank everyone who supported us, the Mayor, Port of Adria, Port Authority, Police, Utility company. I’m proud of myself, the city, the country”, – said Mihailo Vukic, director of the agency “Allegra”.

Global Ports Holding company, known worldwide cruise operator, since it became the majority owner of part of the port, now called “Port of Adria”, promotes Bar as a new cruise destination.
“This will bring new benefits to the local economy, because statistics shows that every tourist in the port where the ship is staying, spends about 85 euros, if the offer is adequate. In the medium term we plan to bring the 200,000 tourists in Bar, which would mean revenue of 17 million euros”, – said Ceylan Erzi, marketing manager of Global Ports.
Specially for tourists from the ship, Tourist Organization of Bar hosted a warm welcome with Montenegrin traditional snacks and traditional national folklore, and on the promenade of King Nikola were installed the stand with advertising materials of Tourist Organization and 30 stands with wine, olives, oil, honey and souvenirs.

Group of 61 guest from cruiser visited Skadar Lake and had lunch at the hotel “Vir”, HTP Atlas hotels group, in the town of Virpazar where they were delighted by the warm welcome and national dishes.

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