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Sep 6, 2015

Six reasons to visit Montenegro in autumn

So, after a hot summer the autumn arrives. For many people this time of year is associated with rains, fading nature and preparation for winter. Many people regret that did not have time to visit some places, relax on vacation, sunbath on the beach and swim in the warm water of azure sea. Today, we'll tell you that it is not a reason for worrying. You still have a few more months in order to have time to relax and travel. Yes, exactly during September and October, Montenegro offers wonderful autumn holiday.
"Why is it so great?" - you may ask.
Here we described six reasons telling about benefits of autumn holidays in Montenegro. Sure, you will find much more. Because each person is unique and sees the world by his own way.
Montenegro coast
Montenegro coast

Reason #1 - Weather
Yes, yes, it's not a secret. Exactly the weather. Scorching hot days, when temperatures can reach +50C, and in some days even higher, are already behind. Incidentally, summer 2015 was the hottest in Montenegro over the past 50 years. During the day sun mercilessly incinerated everything and even the night did not bring so long-expected and welcomed coolness. But it's all over. The autumn, which can be compared with the second summer - warm, sunny but not hot is ahead. You can sunbathing safely and not be afraid to get sunstroke. Although it is better to ensure and apply sun protection spray or olive oil, which will make your tan even more bronze.
Buljarica beach, Montenegro
Buljarica beach, Montenegro

Reason #2 - Sea
It may be surprising for some people, but Adriatic Sea isn’t very warm during summer months, especially in June. It turns that sea temperature does not depend on the air temperature, it depends on sea currents. Exactly in the end of summer and in autumn Adriatic Sea off the coast of Montenegro becomes really warm and clean.
Adriatic Sea, Motenegro
Adriatic Sea, Motenegro

Reason #3 - Excursions
Montenegro is full of variety of interesting places, attractions and sights that you will surely want to see with your own eyes. These places in Montenegro are so numerous that you unlikely will be able to explore them all within a short one week tour. As mentioned above, there is no extreme heat in autumn, that’s why going to different places and discovering them is very comfortable.
Kotor, Montenegro

Reason #4 - There are not many tourists
At the beginning of autumn, many tourists leave Montenegro. Mainly they are students, parents with children of school age and other people who somehow related with educational process. Therefore, in this period, you can not only enjoy gentle sun and warm sea, but also feel serenity, peace and greatness of this country. You can easily find an empty table in cafe, can drive fast because of no traffic on the road, there are no large groups of tourists in museums, parks and other interesting places. All this facilitates the feeling of spirit of ancient cities and peoples, who once lived here.
St. Tryphon’s Cathedral, Kotor, Montenegro
St. Tryphon’s Cathedral, Kotor, Montenegro

Reason #5 - Prices
Autumn is a good time for inexpensive vacation. At this time, prices for rent accommodation, for food, rent a car get lower. That’s why autumn holidays will save your money.
roads of Montenegro
Roads of Montenegro

Reason #6 - Nature
Montenegro nature is especially beautiful in autumn. During this time, after resting from summer heat, may re-bloom some trees and shrubs such as rhododendrons and clematis. At the same time, some trees, especially in the central and northern part of Montenegro, are covered by different shades of yellow and red colors. Also autumn is a time when tangerines and pomegranates ripe in Montenegro, and a real fruit “marathon” among all the inhabitants starts, because these fruits are eaten by all.
Mandarine garden
Mandarine garden

We have described only six reasons why you should visit Montenegro in autumn. Sure, each of you will find something else different and special. We will be glad if you share your impressions with us, in the end of this article in the comments field.

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