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Jun 5, 2016

Montenegro celebrates 10th anniversary of Independence

On May 21 Montenegro celebrates ten years of the restoration of Independence. Referendum on May 21, 2006 restored the independence of the country.

Montenegrin Parliament previously adopted a law on the referendum, which is agreed with the recommendations of the European Union. For the success of the referendum was necessary to support it 55 percent turnout. The referendum question was: “Do you want the Republic of Montenegro be an independent state with full international and legal subjectivity?”

According to official results, the referendum was voted by 419,240 citizens or 86.5 percent of the total number of voters. Independence of Montenegro was supported by 230,661 citizens or 55.5 percent, while the remaining a single state with Serbia was 185,002 or 44.5 percent.
“Montenegro is becoming a respectable international factor, associated member of NATO Alliance and the next member of the European Union. We were able to to return our country in the society from which long ago, by force, we were pushed out and annulled. And we are proud of such achievement which confirmed Montenegrin spirit. We are proud of the spirit of the civil state that is essential in our common home and honestly lives and survives”, – said President of the Liberal Party of Montenegro Andrija Popovic.
The main ceremony will be at Podgorica Independence Square, where will be hold a formal program – Decade of restoration of Independence and Thousand years of Statehood. Prime Minister of Montenegro Milo Djukanovic and President of the European Council Donald Tusk will be speaking on the ceremony.

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